Sanders Aviation

Fuel Truck Now Available!

Sanders Aviation is proud to announce that we are now equiped with a 1500 gallon full service fuel truck providing triple filtered JET-A+ (Prist).  Single point and overwing fueling options available.  24/7 self service covered fuel island.  
Sanders Aviation
Sanders Aviation was founded in 1996, by Joseph Gordon “Gordo” Sanders, jr, in Jasper, Alabama, at the Walker County Airport – Bevill Field. Sanders founded the organization with a vision to spread his love of aviation through teaching others to fly; however, that was only the beginning. Through focus, drive, tenacity and perseverance, Sanders was able to expand Sanders Aviation into an all-encompassing mecca for aviation enthusiasts. At Sanders Aviation, pilots and crews are welcomed by a friendly staff, 24 hour facilities, great fuel prices, an onsite mechanic, conference room and a “snooze room” with new leather lazyboys.
Those seeking pilot training can rest assured you are learning from top notch pilots. Combined, four of our instructors have over 50,000 hours. For those seeking check rides, from private pilot to mutli-engine ATP’s , Joey "Gordo" Sanders is an FAA DPE examiner and conducts check rides onsite at Sanders Aviation. Please refer to the FAA Examiner page for more information regarding training and check rides.
Sanders is pleased to announce that, “In 2016 we will be launching Operation Phoenix Warrior, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that will teach combat wounded veterans how to fly - free of charge.” Operation Phoenix Warrior has been a brainchild of Sanders for several years and he is excited to launch the new organization for veterans. 
Also, coming soon to Sanders Aviation is an upset recovery course and aerobatic training. Don’t be surprised when you bump into Big Red - A Reno Air Racing T6 that Sanders races at the World’s Fastest Motorsport every year. We look forward to seeing you at Sanders Aviation in the near future!
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Founded in 1948 by Joey's Father-in-Law and WWII Vet, Hoyt Young. Joey's wife, Debbie is the President and the service and selection are incredible.
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Great Mexican! The fish tacos are wonderful and the margaritas are just right....if you're not flying.